Dear parents of the Academy Theatre;

We are very excited to finally begin our academy year of 2020/21. As previously mentioned we will not be having a public open enrollment period for new students, however, family members and family friends sponsored by a current member in good standing will be allowed. Please send them to this private link to sign up.

We are still slightly uncertain as to the shows or productions we will be working on this year due to COVID which causes great financial distress. We rely heavily on these ticket sales as we receive no outside financial assistance. Regardless, we will be creative to give your child the arts education and performing arts skills your child deserves and together as the Academy Theatre family we will wholeheartedly take on our motto, Nihil Obstat, which means"nothing stands in the way" to lead our motivation.

This year like any other year your child's yearly tuition fee is donation based and whatever the family is able to comfortably afford, from zero to whatever. After submitting the student application you will have the opportunity to make this donation.

I look forward to working with your child once again and hoping for a successful academy year. Thank you so much for your continuing support, encouragement and motivation.

Angel P Arredondo

Executive Director

(email me with any questions you may have HERE)

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