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Thursday November 17th, 2022

Dear volunteer board members, staff, cast members, and parents;

       I am reaching out to you today to say first and foremost, that I appreciate your continued support and your volunteerism at the Academy Theatre. With that said, I want to inform you that we, as every year, are in our most delicate funding time of year. Last year we experienced a financial crisis due to investor pullout and low turnout to our events and we almost closed our doors for good. On the 11th hour, we were saved but only by everyone being aware, participating, and fighting. This year we are still not confident of our outcome come January 1st.

       Throughout the year we rely on the internal fundraisers we hold, be that as productions with ticket sales, bingos, movie nights, or special shows. Starting October 1st, I start working fiercely on personal donation requests and contributions of a small database of past supporters; a task that is stressful and worrisome. 

       Due to the many cancellations of money-making events this past year such as the yearly festival due to a lack of people wanting to help. This festival brought in a fair amount of funding. We also had to cancel the Summer Program for a lack of students, which caused us to lose their sign-up fees and the ticket sales to the production. We are also faced with the lack of attendance to our internal activities, such as the movie nights, karaoke, pancake breakfast, etc., Because of these obstacles we simply don't make enough on our own to carry us.

       We started our fundraising efforts in October with the new Student Pledge & Pride Campaign. This is a student-led campaign with a concept of the students going out and asking for at least 10 pledges at $10 each from their network and social community at home. The students enjoyed this campaign and experienced a certain level of pride knowing they contributed to the fundraising cause for their home, the Academy Theatre. This year the students collected $490 on their own with their $10 campaign. We are very grateful for their efforts and contribution.

       In November, we have the first crucial funding campaign. Letters and promotions start going out to prospective donors and in general about the #GivingTuesday, the National Day of Giving for non-profits. This is a yearly worldwide campaign that occurs on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. With this campaign, we hope for the best and hope that we have made our plea worthy of people's dollars. After this, the final funding campaign push is the "Year-End Giving campaign," a last-ditch effort to plead for tax-deductible contributions before December 31st of every year. 

These end-of-the-year campaigns are crucial!

       To bridge the gap between what we bring in ourselves and what we need to collect by the end of the year through our small database of private donors, I am asking each and every one of you to help me be conscious of this need.


       If you can, or could, have you considered running your own campaign? Give yourself a goal of how much you want to raise and personally ask family, friends, coworkers, and neighbors for a donation to meet that goal or have an idea or suggestion on how to raise much-needed income.


       Please talk about the Academy, what we do, what we are, how we help form well-rounded, well-cultured youth, how we contribute to the community, etc. After all, this is an organization that you feel is worthwhile for you to support and give your time to.  For more information about #GivingTuesday or to make or have people make a contribution, please visit:

       Our next volunteer board meeting is scheduled for December 12th., 7 pm and I am certain we will have a better picture of where we are standing. With all of us, on the same goal of raising money, we cannot fail.

       Should you have further questions, ideas, or comments or need something such as media pieces, letters, or flyers, please let me know either by voice or text at: 602.434.9265.


Please have a wonderful, peaceful, and Happy Thanksgiving!  I am THANKFUL for all of you.

much blessings,