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Thursday December 29th, 2022

Dear cast members of the ADP,

I hope this memo finds you in the best of health, peace, and love. I am also writing this memo to update you on the continuation of the Adult Drama Program and the Academy Theatre extending past 2022.

We are still in limbo as we haven't quite met our budget for this year. Donations and contributions are on a slow track and our major investor is also in limbo as to where they stand in their donation or lack of. For those of you who have contributed this year, thank you so much as I know it will help.

With this said, I want to stay positive and continue with the plans as we move forward.


But with this also said, we do have a major issue with the current production that you all have worked on. I am told that due to circumstances beyond an individual’s control, they are unable to participate on the weekend of the production date.


Per a discussion prior to Christmas break, I am quite aware that many of you are not able to move the production date and thus creating the following scenario.


I can replace the cast member, but the new cast member will have to do the performances ON-BOOK for the 3 shows the weekend of January 27th, or… we move the entire production to later in the year.


But if moving the production date “sooner than later” is remotely possible by a couple of weeks the only weekend that will work is February 10th, 11th & 12th.


This situation will call for a unanimous vote among all cast members as each of you has worked hard to be ready for the original production date of January 27th, 28th, and 29th, 2023.


Please let me know your preliminary thoughts so we can proceed and resume hopefully next week. I appreciate you all,




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