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April 26th, 2022

Hello BOA;


I wanted to touch base with you and share some thoughts I have been having for some time now. After last night's meeting (or lack of a meeting) it has become even clearer what has to be done and has set a hesitant but definitive response that I have to make.

It seems that we have to take the survival of the Academy Theatre into our own hands. For this reason, major actions have to take place for the coming new Academy Year. These decisions that I have come up with do not need a BOA discussion unless you believe that we do. I am open to a physical meeting if need be, just let me know.

The decisions I have made are all price increases in all areas of our organization.

1. Re-Instate yearly student member tuition to $125

2. Increase members' weekly dues from $5 to $7

3. Increase all tickets prices by $1.00

4. Increase the Summer Drama Program fee from $50 to $75

5. Start charging $50/person for all adult programs

6. Increase cafe menu items by $0.50

7. Decrease student cafe discount to 25%

8. Increase theater facility rental from $100/hour to $125/hour

These items are to go into effect in June 2022.

Please send me your thoughts via call, email or text. After your response, I will be sending this same notice to the rest of the volunteer staff.

Thank you and much appreciation to you all,