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May 3rd, 2022

Hello parents of the GDCA;


I wanted to touch base with you as we near the end of GDCA for this year. I have to admit that it has been a challenging one, from scheduling conflicts to student dropouts, and an overall sense of un-normalcy that I am going to chalk up to post COVID fog as the community slowly crawls out from it. But we did make it through to the end and here we are getting ready for the last production of the year. 

As you are aware your child's production is next Saturday and we still have a few tickets left for it. Some of the details include the following;

1. Apart from their regular rehearsal night next week on Tuesday the 10th, there will also be an extra dress rehearsal next Wednesday the 11th at 6-8:30pm.

2. Costume/wardrobe expectations are the following:

    A.  Mia, Yesenia, Jasmin, Dagny & Arianna will need Levi-style jeans when they are "prisoners."

    B.  Lisette and Leila, brown cargo pants - (throughout the whole production)

    C.  Dagny as fortune-teller; flowing skirt, blouse, shawl, etc.

    D.  Mia, Jasmin, and Arianna can wear casual clothes in their character roles. (when not prisoners)

    E.  Yesenia, business outfit as a talent agent. (when not a prisoner)

3.  And as always Call Time (time actors have to be at the theater before a production) is at 6 pm.

I am confident that the group will do a great job. Please encourage your daughter to study the script with the directions I have given them.


After the play, we will still be in session working on next year's curriculm until Tuesday, May 31st., as this will be their last day of the year. GDCA resumes Tuesday, August 23rd and I hope that all will return for another great year.

During the summer we do have a 9-week drama program that your child can participate in if she wants. All details are on the main page of our website.

The boys will be performing their show on June 4th. It would be great to see other parents and members from other academies supporting each other, During the summer, we will have many events and fundraisers throughout, so we would love to see you.

Thank you for supporting your child with transportation, their dues, and coming to their shows. Much appreciation to you all. Let's make next year a great one!


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