Location: The Academy Theatre


Date: January 26, 2019


Price: $5 General Admission


Time: 7:00 PM

Film event to start when all guests have arrived, or, 7:20 PM, whichever comes first.


Total Length of Event: approximately 1 hour (7:00 PM - 8:00 PM)

Red Carpet Affair at entrance of theater upon arrival.

Photographer, Janet Keyser will take photos of guests before & after.

(See FAQ's for more details)


Introduction by Director


Film Showing

Film Length: 15 minutes

Q & A: Anywhere from 15-45 minutes

Moderated by Jackie Gomez

(Guests are not required to stay for Q & A)


Q & A with the following cast and crew:

MaryAnn Keyser, Donna Kevan, David Schweidt, Brian Husar & Anthony Husar,

Mixer afterward in parlor


Attire: Formal suggested but not required (see FAQ)



Snacks/Cafe: Can be purchased before the event, or during the Q & A session.




​Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the film rated? Can I bring my kids?

    1. The film has no official rating. However, there is a very brief suggestive content, and as with all media parental guidance is suggested.

  2. What is the film about?

    1. A woman at home hears a loud noise next door and goes to investigate. But when she gets to her front door, she finds a young boy there, and he wants to ask her a few questions.

  3. What does my ticket pay for?

    1. Digital photos at the Red Carpet emailed to you , viewing of the short film, a Question &   Answer session with the cast and crew and a Social Mixer afterwards.

  4. Where does my money go?

    1. All proceeds go to the youth programs of The Academy Theatre, a charitable 501(c)3 organization.

  5. What should I wear?

    1. We will have a photographer on hand to make it feel like a red carpet movie premiere. Please wear formal attire if you would like to feel fancy, casual attire if not. The photographer will always ask your permission before taking your photo.

  6. How do I get a copy of my photo(s)?

    1. Our photographer will have a guest list for you to check in and give your email. You can indicate if (and how) they would like a copy of their photo(s). Photos are free (no physical copies, just email)

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