The Girl's Drama Club Academy is a program in which student members receive arts education, performing arts, life building and leadership skills. In this organization, members are exposed to the elements of acting, voice, dance, music and literature.


As a member of the GDCA (Girls Drama Club Academy,) life and leadership skills are included in preparation for high school, college or the work force. We promote members to see each other as equals and we promote self-esteem, self-determination, self-productivity, self-discipline, building personal character traits, fostering individual talents while encouraging the talents of others, increasing the appreciation for theater and all arts and making great friends all while having fun.

By fueling a student’s imagination and creativity, the arts enhance a student’s problem-solving and critical thinking skills, which aid their learning in other subject areas.  An education in the arts exposes students to a variety of cultures while enriching their learning experience and teaching them how to be empathetic, tolerant and open to working with others, all necessary skills for success in a multi-cultural society. Students of all backgrounds and cultures are more likely to achieve higher GPA and test scores, graduate from high school and attend college, or help in the work force when they have access to the arts. Most importantly, we work hard in fulfilling our missions of delivering a program where all students are viewed as equals, where students feel included and most importantly respected for their differences and talents.

Our philosophy of “Every Child, Regardless!” adheres to make our program available to all students regardless of a families income, experience, talent and/or residential demographics. We are proud to be a donation-based tuition organization. A family donates what they feel they can afford for their child to be part of this unique arts education program.


This academy is open to girl's between 12-16 years of age. (17 & 18 by exception) All of the adult board members and academy coordinators are prominent and successful men and women who act as positive role models and advisers and we believe that every child, regardless of experience, will be a great asset as a member of our organization.


With the support of the Adult Board of Administrators, Coordinators and the Junior Board of Officers, members will become great leaders of character with positive life-skills for the future as a well balanced, well cultured individual.

To ensure a successful experience, a member of this organization must be dedicated and committed to the expectations, rules and regulations of the Academy Theatre as laid out in our bylaws which include;


1) Maximum Attendance:  Since this academy only meets once a week, maximum attendance is required.


2) Student Work Hours: As a working, teaching and learning environment, at least 3 monthly hours are required by volunteering at other Academy Theatre events in promoting charitable and community giving.

3) Keeping current on members weekly dues as much as possible.

Meetings are held once a week on TUESDAYS 6:00 PM to 8:30 PM from mid August through the end of May with a two week break for the holidays.

Weekly membership dues are $5.00


Deadline to enroll is August 16th,. 2021


A mandatory parent/student meeting will be held on Wednesday August 18th., 2021.,  6:30pm.

The Girl's Drama Club Academy 2021/2022 starts on:  Tuesday August 24th., 2021 - 6-8:30pm

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