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                 It seems that writing you is better than talking because I can not understand you as you tend to mumble through your spoken words. This way you have in writing what my responses are to your message so there is no misunderstanding.

                First, let's clarify my role in our mother's life. As our mother's POA, I do not have the authority to tell her what to do. I just carry out what she wants or needs. I am only responsible (with her) for her assets, financials, and healthcare. She makes the decisions, and I try to carry them out unless she is incapable of making decisions.

                As for you telling me that I know Mom is wrong about kicking you out, I’m sorry to say that she is not wrong. You needed to move out 3 years ago and if you need to know, you were only supposed to be there only 2 weeks after you left Rachel’s, who by the way I heard she had a hard time getting you to move from here place as well, but Mom stopped me from pursuing that many times.

                You had it made there at Mom and Dad's, but you couldn’t keep from the stupid acts of fighting, screaming, yelling, cursing, getting in each other's faces. You messed up could of been a good thing. What could have been an ideal situation to make Mom's life better, peaceful, stress-free, and happy, bringing life to our family, in that house, after Dad's passing. Instead, it has been nothing but fights, screaming, yelling, lots of stress, hurt, and drama. Instead, the stress gave mom a freakin’ heart attack!!  Right there is when you should have been kicked out for sure, but Mom kept saying no. Keep in mind that Mary herself says to everyone that she told me to sell the house and was the first one who wanted you out of the house when mom had her heart attack.

                Obviously, you don’t care about that and what I have heard from for years is that you really don’t even like Mom. You don’t respect her, you have issues with mom with claims of not being there for you, that she and Mary coached and taught your kids since they were 12 /14 to disrespect you, that she is out to get you, and that she is evil. If this is so true, why are you there and fighting to stay there? Why would you want to live there if you can't stand who you are living with. Why would Mom live with someone who says the things you say about her? How ironic that you're blaming mom for the same thing you have done with your kids and continue to do so.

                 You messed up your own life, with drugs and whatever else there may be and blame everyone else. How you treated your kids, their dad, Ray, and Emiliano we have always warned you to tone it down or else you are going to lose them. We warned you.  Your children had to practically raise themselves. If your kids are disrespecting you, it is of your own doing. If they have opinions of you it's because they saw it themselves, not because Mom or anyone else told them to disrespect you. We ALL stepped up and gave your kids a sense of family, a sense of normalcy. We took them in and took care of them when you were out there doing God knows what, and like you said, Ay esta Dios. You should ask your kids if you want the answers as to why they treat you the way they do.

                Next, you keep saying that EVERYONE knows what Mom is doing is wrong. What is she doing that is wrong? and who is everyone? Because I can guarantee you, no one in the ENTIRE family thinks that. If you think people are going to be behind you versus behind Mom, you are sadly mistaken and delusional. You have a vengeance against life and you are taking it out on everyone and especially on mom.

                So the simple fact is that mom does not need an excuse or reason to have you move out. It's her house she can do what she wants. She doesn’t need a reason, just like an apartment doesn’t need a reason to not renew your lease. She is not wrong in doing so, it's her right to do so. It is a boundary she deserves to have. She simply wants her house back without the tension that has emanated from just walking in there.

                You mentioned why you weren’t “kept in the loop and let you prepare also. This acceleration of mom wanting you to find somewhere else to live, just started with this last incident, You were there and part of it so I don’t know what loop you are talking about.

                And as needing time to prepare. What the hell were doing this whole time? What? You thought you could just stay there until the Good Lord takes Mom, and that you could just slip in there and continue to stay? That was poor planning on your part. Mom, like any of us, could pass any day. You should have taken advantage of the situation by living at Mom and Dad’s by having gotten a job, saving some money, getting some credit or fixing it, meeting someone, having fun with this person, getting yourself your own little house, and making something of your life. But you didn’t do any of that. Instead, you lashed out at everyone and the world and made anger, fighting, frustration, and hatred rule and your life didn’t move because you were stuck in that attitude and negative traits.

                You also need to let go of the thought that dad wanted for you to get the house. Just like Michael has let go of that as well after dad had told him for many years. Dad realized that would just cause trouble. So please let go of that notion. What eventually will happen will done fairly. 

                 I am not sure why you believe and expect that our parents NEED to leave us something. The plain simple fact is; if there is ANYTHING left after BOTH parents have passed is what is distributed between surviving children. So, if mom is forced to sell the house, there won't be much left at the end of her life. So your fighting over this is screwing yourself if she sells the house. If she does, the money she will need to live on especially after needing to buy herself a new place. So the best thing is for mom not to sell the house. 

                I do not want Karen involved with this family crisis except for the support she gives me and mom about this ugly and unfortunate event that I thought would never happen to our family. How embarrassing all this is and Dad, I'm sure, is rolling around in his grave in disbelief that the moment he passed everything went to crap; their house, their yard, the family. That police have been at that address 3 times in over 30 years is so humiliating. Since you are so good at researching things, try doing some research for yourself. We do not know of any agency who would give emergency housing to someone who doesn't have a job or children. There are many crisis hotlines and agencies that you can contact for crisis interventions if you want to know why you are the way you are and why your life turned out this way.

                Lastly, you are not homeless, Mary mentioned that you can stay with them temporarily, so you can stop throwing out the word “homeless” because you’re not, you have an option. Double check with her. You also said you had not a penny to your name, first, that is all your fault, nobody else's. Your paranoia about people going into your room has made you a recluse of not leaving the house, and makes me question what you have in there, illegal or otherwise. Secondly, you have sheds full of stuff and around the yard that you can sell and get some money from. So, you can’t say that you are penniless. And your idea about talking to Tia Mica is a good idea, she can direct you better about what you need to do about shelter, food, and prayer. And I doubt that anything you say about Mom, she will shut you down immediately.

                  I told you yesterday after you texted me and I responded that I was done with the conversation, but yet you kept talking and texted me again 3 times (which I have attached) with BS and has forced me to make it even clearer for you with this letter. And trust me, there is more I can say.

                  Don’t think for one second that I am happy about this outcome, I am sad that our family has turned to this, I do not take pleasure in saying what I have said, I am distraught about what needs to happen, and I am sad and worried that you are not going to take this to better your life but instead going to wallow in anger and hatred like you have already done for years and live miserably… but since you say that you “WILL NEVER BREAK!” I’m afraid that’s the path you are going to take.

                   So, bottom line, mom can no longer live this way, she does want you to find another place to live, she wants her house back, she wants and needs the peace. This last incident was the straw that broke the camel's back. But it wasn't just this incident, it was all the others since dad died. Everyone is upset that mom is giving you two weeks when Selena was given less than 24 hours to move everything out. So, you can now prepare as you say, you have to leave by June 1st. this year.  Should there be any more incidents, your eviction will be immediate and by local authority.

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