Dear parents of Academy Theatre students;

        Whereas summer has only been in for 5 weeks, plans for our fall startup are underway and after a rough year and a half, we are excited to start with new changes, upgrades, improvements and ideas.


     This year, we have certainly been challenged to practice our Academy motto, "Nihil Obstat," which means, "nothing stands in the way," a motto that we have lived by since our inception 14 years ago. And we have; we have survived, but we are still recuperating from a challenging year.

        This year we are coming in Nihil Obstat strong! And in an effort to push our Academy Theatre pride amongst our wonderful students and staff and create an even stronger sense of community, we are humbly requesting that we show that pride by the purchase of a polo shirt embroidered with our name to be proudly worn by our incredible returning students.

     We ask that all students purchase a shirt for to be worn at weekly meetings and especially during Academy events and activities and although we wish we could do more, a small discount has been applied. We ask that you please only purchase the blue colored shirt as a member. The sizes are based on  "men" sizes. Parents are welcome to purchase the general black shirt in support.

     Together, let us all stand "Nihil Obstat Strong!" and start the upcoming year much stronger than we were forced to leave it last year.

     Click the BUY HERE button to take you to our new shop. Thank you!

Blue (students).jpg