The Adult Drama Program (ADP) is for both men and women over the age of 24 (19-23 by exception). If you have ever aspired to be on stage this is the academy for you.

The ADP is built on the philosophy of a no-pressure, absolutely social and fun/friend making experience. The meetings are exclusive to learn the craft of theater and acting. This program is to interact with other adults who have a hidden passion to be on stage. This programs approach has an understanding that participating adults have always wanted to participate in community theatre but have been too afraid, or too shy or too busy to actually do so.

If you have always felt that you would like to try to be on stage, but could never bring yourself to do so, you are not alone. The program is comprised with other adults who have wished for such an opportunity. Cast members are not professionals and have very little to no experience. 

Rehearsals are conducted by a hands-on method and as the cast and direction begin to form, productions dates are usually then set for May or June. In this program you get one-on-one interaction with the director and rehearsals are guided at the pace level of the cast members. Our philosophy, "the show must go on... but only if everyone is comfortable with the level of readiness."

If you are interested in this program, please fill out the application. This program will begin Wednesday, November 20th, 2019,  Meetings are once weekly on Wednesdays, 7PM.

There is no cost to join this program. But we have many opportunities to give a donation and/or attend other functions and fundraisers through out the year,

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