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Volunteers are a vital asset to any organization. Without these influential people, most non-profit organizations would struggle to accomplish their goals.


The definition of a volunteer is a simple one: A volunteer gives freely of their time and talent to a cause they BELIEVE in. They donate this time without payment or reciprocation and give forth a HIGH level of commitment and dedication. Volunteers are a CRUCIAL, VITAL & NECESSARY asset held in high respect & gratitude.

If you feel you can donate your time, and give freely of your talent with a high level of commitment, we want you to be part of our family. Please consider joining our team. The requirements are the following;

  • Be at least 19 years of age

  • Be able to participate/attend most of our events, functions, and activities in support of the organization you are supporting.

  • Attend 6 organizational required board meetings a year (scheduled for the 2nd Monday of every other EVEN month; February, April, June, August, October & December.)

  • Commit to your position and duties with a high level of dedication and commitment.

The philosophy of the Academy Theatre's volunteer board is that each position is designed in a way that is specialized in its duties. We feel that volunteers should not be thinned out doing several different duties therefore, the focus remains on that position's duties. But please be certain, that each position is vital and important for the operational system of our organization.


If you want to join a fun, energetic, community, and family-type group of selfless people, please sign up. Some of the available positions are listed below.

Acquisitions Coordinator

Box Office Controller    

Endorsements Coordinator 

Funding Team    

Soft Funding Coordinator

Community & Business Liaison     

Event Coordinator 

Maintenance & Domestics Team       

Security & Safety Team       

Welcome & Hospitality Team


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