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Our Commitment

The Adult Board of Administrators and Coordinators are committed to foster and carry out the following principles, values and philosophy of the Academy Theatre.


1. Teach theatre production

2. Coach trade skills of theatre production

3. Enhance appreciation of all theatre, arts and literature

4. Inspire self-creativity, discover and build talent

5. Encourage and support talents in others 


1. Promote Ethics, Social skills, Life skills and Management skills

2. Promote self-respect with acceptance of self and acknowledge an individuals strengths and weaknesses

3. Promote responsibility and accountability

4. Promote respect of others; peers, elders, authority and embrace diversity

5. Promote life balance by enjoying life naturally without the need of extreme superficial materials, chemical dependencies and/or civil infractions

6. Promote an awareness of individual personality and character traits


1. Influence the development and attempt to salvage values and morality

2. Help young men and women become their unique selves without ridicule of individuality

3. Foster appreciation, performance, analysis and awareness of arts

4. Enhance free expression and creative imagination through the discipline of art

5. Coach artistic education to members by exposure to the phenomenon of art

6. Demonstrate that efforts do lead to a finished product

7. Offer enjoyment and a chance to participate creatively with an opportunity to learn

8. Help stimulate a strong, healthy and balanced mentality for psychological growth

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