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The Summer Drama Program at the Academy Theatre is an 8-week program during the summer. It is comprised of cast members who have signed up following a public casting call.  It is open to any ages 10 - 17.  Experience is not needed, and auditions are never held. Everyone enrolled will get a role in the production.  The production to be performed at the end of the 8 weeks is based on the cast members and therefore a script is never selected before the cast is finalized.

This program is simply getting together twice a week, getting to know one another for the first week, and getting a script. This program is based on a hands-on experience. Acting instruction, direction, coaching, and guidance are delivered as the rehearsal goes along.


As most of the participants will have little to no experience, the approach to theater and acting will be delivered in an underwhelmed manner to further inspire creativity for possible interest in the arts. The rehearsals are led by the Executive Director and an adult assistant. 

Many participants of the Summer Drama Program in the past have become members of our more exclusive year-round weekly after-school program.  

Should you require more information, please contact us. Thank you.

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