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The Academy Theatre provides the youth of our community an affordable after school arts education in dance, music, vocals, literature and theatre alongside valuable life, social, ethics, leadership and management skills. The Academy Theatre bolsters traditional values promoting positive reinforcement in coping with peer pressure with chemical dependencies and civil infractions. The organization is curriculum driven but production and art centered. Every member receives skills in dance, music, vocals, literature and theatre and technical skills in backstage, lighting, sound, make-up and set construction. Members of the Academy Theatre receive instruction in literature and writing, focusing on character, dialogue, scenes and plots using protocol from a dramatists point of view. The Academy Theatre runs as a membership peer-led organization and promotes many leadership, management and life skills. Members are trained on a modified “Robert Rules of Order” methodology and each “academy’ has their own elected officers. Members are encouraged to running for office ensuing a 4 week election process. Members are instructed on how to write, coached on giving speeches and public speaking, as part of this process. Elected officers run the meeting utilizing an agenda, calling to order, voting, tabling, taking and reading minutes. Junior Officers are also responsible for taking member attendance and collecting members’ dues and entering data into official academy books. The Junior Board of officers are required to attend general board meetings of the Academy Theatre every two months as part of their education in furthering leadership skills.


The Academy Theatre never holds auditions for any particular role in any production for any child; nor expects interested youth to have experience in any area and are guaranteed a role in any given production. Everyone is considered an equal cast member promoting equal opportunity philosophy the organization has in place. The Academy Theatre is a “working, learning and teaching” organization where members are required to work and volunteer at events and other activities the Academy Theatre holds. Areas where members are required to help are; in the Café, at fund raisers, ushers at productions, welcoming, and box office sales all utilizing a procedural manual especially drafted for each job position indicating duties, appropriate attire and necessities to fulfill correct and proper work etiquette. Members help in clean up, general upkeep of facility including, but not limited to: mopping, sweeping, trash emptying, dusting and vacuuming, etc., alongside volunteers, coaches and instructors.


The Academy Theatre always observes traditional values, such as; being professional and cordial, smiling and welcoming, extending salutations, acknowledging adults, making eye contact, shaking hands, offering seats, opening doors, etc. We encourage having conversations and dialogue with adults regarding their involvement in the academy or relaying information in whole about the Academy Theatre organization. Members are educated and instructed on proper stance and posture, proper voice levels, appropriate conversations at public events or locations and appropriate behaviors in public settings.  Personal hygiene and dressing appropriately for different activities and functions by following an expected dress code for each activity or event is also expected.


With members interacting positively and supporting others who share a vested interest and we as an extension of a child’s social, home and academics, not only do the youth of our program benefit but also their families, volunteers and the general public benefit. Our mission is to give the youth of our community and neighborhoods an aspiring love for the arts, education and instruction in all art disciplines, technical skills in theatre and valuable social, ethics, management, leadership and life skills for their future. We are driven by recognizing each member as a valuable asset in our community with a creative edge in society for life successes. The Academy Theatre gives a child a sense of community and gives each member an environment of an exclusive organization on a modified, simple, non-intimidating or overwhelming setting with all the benefits each child deserves.

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