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Unlike the JDCA and the GDCA, the CDPA is a program to prepare younger boys and girls ages 10 and 11 years and focuses on the field of child development and social behavior and prepares members at age-appropriate levels the expectations needed to master before joining the JDCA or GDCA.

This program is designed as a weekly meeting where classroom and basic fundamentals of social and behavioral skills are enhanced through a specialized curriculum. Boys and girls in this academy will receive information and skills in a classroom setting involving; beginning art, literature, music, dance, and child's play-acting and children's theatre skills.

To ensure a successful experience, a member of this organization must be dedicated and committed to the expectations, rules, and regulations of the Academy Theatre as laid out in our bylaws which include;

1) Maximum Attendance:  Since this academy only meets once a week, maximum attendance is required.


2) Keeping current on members' weekly dues as much as possible.

3) The yearly tuition is $75.00 which covers October through March.

Meetings for the CDPA will be held once weekly. Meetings/rehearsals are on Wednesdays from 4:30 to 6:00 PM. This academy begins October 4th., 2023 through March 2024.


The deadline to sign up for this academy is October 2nd., 2023.

Members' Dues are $5 every week.

Are you ready to sign up? Then let's get started and welcome to the Academy Theatre!

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