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The Academy Theatre is led by a volunteer team of adult men and women. If you are interested in taking a volunteer position, please CLICK HERE for more information. The requirements are very simple. You have to be an adult male over the age of 21 and committed to attending meetings held every other month, helping with performances and fundraisers, and being enthusiastic about the direction we are heading into. We would love to have you on board.


Angel P. Arredondo, Founder and Executive Director

Anthony Romero, Administrative Assistant

Charles Lamb, Administrative Assistant

Donna Kevan, Administrative Assistant

Robin Paraskevas, Community Liasian

Angela Esquivel, GDCA Coordinator

David Schweidt, JDCA Coordinator

Eli Flores, JDCA Coordinator

Leila Sandhu, Girls Drama Club Academy (GDCA) President

Josie Kennedy, Girls Drama Club Academy (GDCA) Scribe

Theo Elio, Junior Drama Club Academy (JDCA) President

Elisio Ramirez, Junior Drama Club Academy (JDCA) Scribe 

Lindsay Bateman, Box Office Controller

Randy Calzadillas-Meekins, Prop/Wardrobe Master

Karen J Todd, MA, LPC, Licensed Counselor


Jakob Baker, 2017

Elliott Burnette, 2012

Mia Flores, 2024

Jackie Gomez, 2018

Zane Jones, 2012

Philip Phung, 2021

Yesenia Monterrosa, 2023

Deja Rice, 2018

Kelton Rice, 2017

Starr Roeder, 2018

David Schweidt, 2021

Noah Suhr, 2012

Dylan Todd, 2011

Benton Varela, 2012

Dylan Williams, 2017

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