The Academy Theatre is led by a team of adult men and women on the Board of Administrators and Board of Coordinators.

If you are interested in volunteering or taking a board position, please CLICK HERE for more information. The requirements are very simple. You have to be an adult male over the age of 21 and committed to attend meetings held every other month, help with performances and fundraisers and be enthusiastic about the direction we are heading into. We would love to have you on board.


Angel P. Arredondo, is founder and Executive Director of The Academy Theatre. He is an author, playwright and screenwriter. He has directed and produced feature stage plays as; This One Man, In Living Music, and Homey Ghost of the Cineplex. He has written and published the book, Surviving Spirits, now a screenplay of the same title and has written other full-feature screenplays including, Of Immaterial Essence, and Forgivable Betrayal. He is a member of the Writers Guild of America and the Arizona Screenwriters Association.

Bob Gates, Vice-Administrator and Dance/Choreography Coach, is a Preparator at the Phoenix Art Museum and his hobbies include Art and Ballroom Dancing. He has been a dance coach for Arthur Murray Dance studios and offers private coaching. He is on the Board of Administrators and the academy’s dance coach.

John Manier, is currently a cantor and choir member for the Franciscan Renewal Center in Scottsdale, Arizona and retired golf instructor. He is on the Board of Administrators and the academy's vocal coach. John promotes the academies philosophy of a basic voice theory, "if you can talk, you can sing!"

Dave Meyer, 



Becky Alvarado - Cafe Manager

Jakob Baker -  JDCA Coordinator

Donna Kevan  - Funding Coordinator 

Jackie Gomez - GDCA Coordinator

MaryAnn Keyser  -  GDCA Coordinator

Jessica Bueno - Community Development

Corey Tarango - Online Marketing Coordinator

Tony Perez - Requisitions Coordinator




Shyla Arredondo  -  Girls Drama Club Academy (GDCA) President

Angela Esquivel  -  Girls Drama Club Academy (GDCA) Scribe

David Schweidt  -  Junior Drama Club Academy (JDCA) President

Philip Phung  -  Junior Drama Club Academy (JDCA) Scribe 


Linsey Koontz  -  Box Office Controller

Lupita Martinez  -  Box Office Controller 

Karen J Todd, MA,LPC  -  Licensed Counselor

Event housekeeping services provided by:


The Academy Theatre wishes to thank Arizona Developmental Services for its housekeeping services before our events. Please visit their website at: to learn more about this impressive and wonderful organization. While you are there, make a donation and tip them for their kind service to the Academy Theatre.

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Jakob Baker, 2017

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Zane Jones, 2012

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Kelton Rice, 2017

Starr Roeder, 2018

Noah Suhr, 2012

Dylan Todd, 2011

Benton Varela, 2012

Dylan Williams, 2017

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