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Happy New Year!  

We hope that everyone had a healthy and peaceful holiday with loved ones and friends. We also want to thank ALL our #GivingTuesday and End of Year Donors for your generous donations to help us meet our budget. Although we are still trying to raise a little more to completely meet the 2022 budget, we are still very excited to bring you another year (and hopefully many more) of arts education, performing arts, and a community organization inspired and dedicated to you and our students. 

If you missed our funding campaigns it's not too late to help us make a dent into our current budget. And as always, we humbly thank you for any contribution. 

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On December 17th, all 3 youth academies participated in our holiday and Christmas production entitled, "The Christmas Corral" followed by a vocal recital of traditional Christmas music. Special thanks to, Coordinator David Schweidt for filling in a last-minute cast member dropout, to Coordinator Angela Esquivel for helping with the Cafe and as acting Backstage Manager, Coordinator and to MaryAnn Keyser and the members of the Children's Drama Preparatory Academy. 

Our Volunteer Drive is underway. And like any non-profit volunteers are crucial to the success of an organization and ensure the success or failure of its existence. We have many volunteer opportunities that we need to fill. If you are called to help, we would love to have you on board.  If interested please click here.

If you are unable to give money or volunteer your time, you may still help by participating in the many ways you can contribute without spending a dime. Please choose the Academy when you shop at Amazon, eBay and others. Please view these options here.

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We are also equally excited to participate in the Walmart Grocery Registry program. The Academy Theatre relies heavily on private contributions and fundraisers and offsetting our incidental expenses will be a great help. If you would like to contribute in this capacity instead we will be truly appreciative and no worries, they deliver to us, so you don't have to.


Visit our

Walmart registry here.

We are excited to announce that the Academy Theatre is now part of the Walmart Spark Good Round Up program!

If you shop at or use the Walmart app, you now have the choice to round up your change and donate it to us! It's a very simple and fast process to participate. 

Simply sign in to your Walmart account, go to your Account Settings, then click Giving & Impact. In the Charity Choice box, please type in our legal name: Junior Drama Club Academy, (make certain you capitalize each letter of each word), and then switch on the Round Up button. (see example below) and that's all that's to it. If you still need help, please don't hesitate to call, 602.434.9265.

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Coming up soon are some exciting events to be held up at the Academy Theatre. Please come down and enjoy these low-cost (at times free) events in support of all the youth programs of the Academy Theatre. Your participation and your presence mean so much and encourage us to continue what we do. Your SMALL effort is a HUGE honor for us!

The boys of the Junior Drama Club Academy will be performing their student vocal recital in a memorial tribute and in honor of 4 Michaels on Saturday, February 11th, at 7 pm. Please purchase your tickets here as they go quickly.

We are excited to bring back to the Academy Theatre our Saturday Nite Jamz! an evening of music by a featured local band or artist. Low token cover charge of $5 paid at the door. The cafe will be open for snacks, drinks, and food.  Our first local band is DNR. Please come down and support music and these local artists and bands!  March 11th, 7pm. Please watch our website or email for more information. 

Come see a jump-scare, frightening thriller movie in our theatre. FREE ADMISSION. Our cafe will be stocked with our all-time snack goodies for purchase but the movie screams are free!

And join us for our first-ever Trivia Night at the Academy! 

A $5 reservation fee is required! 3 games in total, Disney, SCi-Fi, and Movie Quotes multiple-choice games will be played for a chance of 3 top prizes for each game. Solo players only. Reserve and register today to receive your Players Wrist Band at the box office on the night of the event.  Reserve your spot here.

And make sure to bring your fully charged cell phone in order to play!

and coming in February, the highly anticipated British comedy farce production of "Mad as a box of Frogs" will be performed by the Adult Drama  Program. February 24th - 26th for 3 shows. More information online at:

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