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Dear prospective artists and vendors, in an effort to bring wholesome community activities to this area of downtown, we are once again attempting to bring back our yearly community festival. Due to the pandemic, it has been a slow comeback, but we feel that this festival is good and crucial to bridge the gap between local artists, musicians, businesses, and the community in a spirit of support for one another and in the spirit of inclusivity. With this said, we do not know the outcome nor the attendance, and cannot guarantee an extremely huge success, but we are still willing to put every effort to organize this event.


Our vendor agreement for this year will be based on an honor system. Therefore, a 20% commission on total sales of the day's event will be charged in lieu of a space/booth fee.


The exhibits or Information (non-sales) booth fee is $50.00, payable to the Academy Theatre.

If you would like to continue and be part of this possible fun day and be a vendor, please fill out the vendor application by clicking below.


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